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Divine Diversity Temple

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open
~ Frank Zappa
One Source.
Different Paths. 
Same Destination. 

There are so many religions claiming that their way of worship is the only true path to the Divine. 
Most of the followers in a particular religion either follow the path because, it is forced on them, the only way they were taught, it is what society propagates or they just lack spiritual confidence to make up their own minds. 
Many of the followers believe that the clergy that is leading them on the path was dully chosen by God to lead them and that it is only the clergy that can determine what God wants from them. 
At now stage will we claim that this is the only true path to the Divine? 
We will however ask that you open your minds and your hearts to the possibility of a diverse creation that was created by One Divine Creator? 
“I believe in a Divine Creator, that create everything, seen and unseen. “ 
Throughout creation there is diversity and it was all created by One Divine Creator and there is a reason for the diversity that was created. Just take a moment and think about the following sentence. If the Divine Creator only created light how would we have known the truth of the light if there was no darkness to compare it to! 
Browse through the pages of this website and if you enjoy it tell your friends if you don’t let us know. We are open minded adults that enjoys talking about the Divine Creator. 
Enjoy your life journey and may the Divine Creator guide you to a fuller, happier and more prosperous life. 
Rev. Anton Vosloo